Coming DIY Project Videos!

The following is a list of projects that are currently in production:

Super Solar Shower

Solar Shower Companion Video

Solar Ice Maker

Vibration Compaction Table

Make your own non-toxic toothpaste

Make your own non-toxic deoderant

Make your own non-toxic dishwashing soap

Pragmatic Mindset

Welcome to the Pragmatic Mindset website.

I’m Daniel Root, but I’ve been called the Pragmatic Prepper because my hobby is learning new skills to become less dependent on services, and more independent and responsible for my own life.

I turned off the TV and repurposed those once-wasted hours into educating myself, (through YouTube, search engines, and books), on how to build things, welding, working with electricity, using solar energy, doing my own plumbing and irrigation, growing my own fruits & vegetables, and generally preparing for disasters that may cause shortages of food, water, and shelter.

My hobby evolved from my research into the negative health effects from fat-soluble toxins for a book I’m writing on human detoxification; which my father, Dr. David E. Root, pioneered back in the early '80s for the treatment of occupational chemical exposure injuries.

The more I learned about environmental toxins (both natural and man-made), the more it became clear to me that the pollution we bio-accumulate is the source of many diseases, weight loss issues, reducing our energy — and even lowering our I.Q. and ability to focus. But what alarmed me the most was the sinister motives, methods, and conflict of interests that are behind the toxic poisoning of us “useless eaters”.

Folks, it’s obvious that we can’t rely on the politicians, regulatory agencies, or governments to look out for our best interests. We only have ourselves — and each other — to protect our well-being.

This website and the Pragmatic Mindset YouTube channel are my contributions to other like-minded “Do It Yourselfers”, and I hope that I can help get you into a purposeful, pragmatic mindset to improve your quality of life.

Get Detoxinated!

Please also visit to learn more about our proprietary protocols to detoxify the fat-soluble toxins in you body that prevent you from ever achieving true wellness. These protocols were developed by researcher and author L. Ron Hubbard and improved over three decades by my father, David E. Root, MD and our team.

My book, "Don't Just Detox, Get Detoxinated!" when completed explains the program and includes information on certification and licensing our proprietary method to help others!

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