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Super Solar Shower

Solar Shower Companion Video

Solar Ice Maker

Vibration Compaction Table

Make your own non-toxic toothpaste

Make your own non-toxic deoderant

Make your own non-toxic dishwashing soap

About Daniel Root

Nicholas Catlow


Dan was born in Los Gatos, California, in 1963, and as an Air Force "Brat" lived in many communities across the U.S. and abroad.

Dan's career in the I.T. industry, mostly self-employed, began in 1985 when he was tasked by his father, David E. Root M.D., to computerize his medical practice. Once the project was completed, Dan continued to maintain and upgrade the network as the practice grew.

In 1983, Dan's father entered into a joint venture relationship with HealthMed to provide detoxification treatment to drug addicts and patients exposed to toxic chemicals in the workplace. The sauna detoxification Purification Rundown protocols were developed by Church of Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, originally for his followers as a kind of baptism and later modified for commercial use by HealthMed. As an unbiased, Christian physician, Dr. Root's involvement in this venture lended needed credibility to this medically unorthodox program.

Dan was volunteered to undergo the detoxification protocols after both his parents experienced the health benefits themselves. Then, after 33 consecutive days of 5-hour sessions, Dan was amazed at the results. Not only did he have more energy and enjoyed more restful nights, his IQ tests, which were performed before and after the program, showed an increase — or reclamation — of 10 points. In fact, his focus and concentration were greatly improved as well.

Dan went on to write the first tracking database for HealthMed, and continued to be an advocate for the detoxification protocols. He attributes his excellent health as a result of this detoxification.

In 2011, Dan took over the finances of the practice and has been working alongside his Father ever since to develop their detox program into an opportunity for Personal Trainers, Chiropractors, Naturopathic Doctors, Physical Therapists, and other professionals.

Dan and his wife Suzy adopted three girls after failing to conceive naturally. They chronicled their journey through the adoption process and their efforts to support the excellent work of Sierra Forever Families on their family website,

Dan served on the Sierra Forever Families' Board for six years, and was active on the Fund Development Committee. The Roots began a Phoneraiser cellphone collection drive that generated over eleven thousand dollars over a four year period for Sierra.

The Pragmatic Mindset developed from Dan's love of learning new skills and applying them to better his family's homelife*. It all started when Suzy challenged him to build a deck for their above ground Doughboy pool. After over a year of researching, designing, and tweaking the deck plans to suit their needs, he began construction. His eldest daughter, Jasmine, helped level the first board, but he completed the rest of the construction by himself.

The Roots live in the Sacramento, California, area and are working on a detoxification business model designed to train, certify, and license others in their improved and proven proprietary two-week DetoxinationSM protocols.


*Definition of homelife. : the domestic routine or way of living <television will change the homelife of America — L. A. Appley>

~How ironic?!