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Mindset Reality Check On The Beginnings of Freedom

The Beginnings of Freedom

By Harry Petsanis and Donna McCance

Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Movement, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, and Freedom of Choice

The constant struggle for control often happens with others trying to take away our freedoms. This begins at the earliest of ages, occurring in the home, school, and society as a whole.

A child wants to have their freedoms. Processing their thoughts is part of learning. Often times adults eliminate a child’s ability to speak and express their opinions. Their voice, choice, and freedom of movement are limited, such as being told when they can use the bathroom, when they can eat (which is based on a schedule and not when they’re hungry), when they can speak, when they can leave their seats, etc.

Adults often look at freedom as something they desire for themselves, but not as something a child should have, because the more someone is free, the harder they are to control. If you can immediately eliminate the simple freedoms and basic needs that someone has, the quicker you can get them to conform, which means the quicker you can control them.

The role of an adult as it pertains to helping children develop their learning should not be to do what is easiest for the adults. Their efforts should be focused on providing the best learning environment and experiences for children to learn independently, regardless of the amount of effort it requires.

Adults need to step back, let go of the control, and allow children to learn how to control themselves through their experiences. This is how they learn to embrace their freedoms of thought, movement, speech, expression, and choice instead of having it taken away from them before they barely begin to experience life. In the end, it will make life better and healthier for everyone!

About the Authors

Harry Petsanis is a philosopher of human nature, mindset specialist, and lifelong fitness and wellness advisor. He is a writer and author, with three published books: “The Truth is A Lie,” “The Logical Path To Life,” and "Knowing Me from A to Z, A Child's Mindset," which he co-authored with Donna McCance, M.Ed.. Harry has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. He has an intense passion for psychology and the human condition.

Donna McCance, M.Ed. is a business administrator, writer, author, licensed teacher and principal/vice principal with over 20 years experience teaching in elementary education and educational leadership. She has a Masters in Education, Masters in Human Services Management, Bachelors in Business Administration and Associates in Business Administration.

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