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Mindset Reality Check on Time


By Harry Petsanis and Donna McCance

“If I had more time…” “If there were more hours in a day…” “If I could just manage my time better…” are often excuses people use to not get something accomplished, or even started.

Time isn’t just an excuse people use, it’s also a lie they create to avoid not doing something they don’t want to do.

If people want to do something, they’ll find the time. If people prioritize another person, they’ll create time. If people don’t want to do something, they don’t want to be honest with themselves and have that on their conscience, so they often use a lack of time as the excuse to not do something that subconsciously they have no interest in doing.

They say the biggest regret people have when they die is to look back and talk about all the things they wished they would have done. The reality is, if all those people on their deathbed were given an opportunity to start their lives over, most of them would do it exactly as they would the first time, coming up with excuses and using time as a reason they didn’t get more done.

People often look at time as an ally. “Well, I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll do it later. I’ve got plenty of time to get it done.” Time isn’t an ally, it’s the enemy. If you don’t want to do something and something isn’t important to you, just be honest about it and own it, instead of using time as an excuse as to why you didn’t get something done or why you weren’t able to spend time with someone.

If time is truly so valuable, then stop wasting it.

  • Stop taking fifty words to say what you can say in five.

  • Stop taking five meetings to get finished what could be done in one.

  • Stop avoiding being direct when being succinct is efficient.

At the end of the day, if something gets left out or someone gets left out, that means that something or someone wasn’t a priority. Start looking at time and tell yourself “If I don’t get something done, it’s because I didn’t want to do it, not because I didn’t have enough time.”

Time is what we make of it and how we allocate it. Moving forward, quit using time as an excuse and start maximizing your time. When you do, everything you want to accomplish, will get accomplished.

About the Authors

Harry Petsanis is a philosopher of human nature, mindset specialist, and lifelong fitness and wellness advisor. He is a writer and author, with three published books: “The Truth is A Lie,” “The Logical Path to Life,” and "Knowing Me from A to Z, A Child's Mindset," which he co-authored with Donna McCance, M.Ed.. Harry has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. He has an intense passion for psychology and the human condition.

Donna McCance, M.Ed. is a business administrator, writer, author, licensed teacher and principal/vice principal with over 20 years experience teaching in elementary education and educational leadership. She has a Masters in Education, Masters in Human Services Management, Bachelors in Business Administration and Associates in Business Administration.

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The Truth is A Lie" and "The Logical Path To Life"

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